Global Love Conference 2022:

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What is the Global Love Conference?
First and Largest Offline Dating Conference. Attended by thousands of Professional Matchmakers & Industry Experts since 2007.
The Global Love Conference is a yearly event organized by Global Love Institute (formerly Matchmaking Institute) to bring together Dating Industry Professionals. This gathering of in-demand Professionals is a great way for people to meet, network, collaborate, exchange ideas, share tips, and find out more about our industry.
Finally back in Singapore!
Thank you to all attendees who were able to join us! Whether it was in-person or virtually, we're so happy that you were able to be there with us!
Virtual Option
We also had a Virtual Option for attendees who are unable to travel to Singapore! 36 people chose to attend the Conference virtually!
Duo was founded in 1995 and is one of the largest Matchmaking companies in South Korea. Duo's matching system formed through research and development has grown the company into one of the leading players of the nation.

They have successfully matched over 44,000 couples. Their headquarters is located in Gangnam, Seoul and have offices located nationwide, such as Busan, Daegu, Daejeon, and Gwangju. Duo also has an overseas branch called, DUO USA.
Mrs. Park Soo-kyung, the CEO of DUO, graduated from the Department of Consumer Affairs at Seoul National University. She has a doctorate of Consumer Studies from the university.

She is also the Director of the World Association of Women Directors along with being the current CEO of Duo Information Co., Ltd


Speakers' Slideshow
Industry experts not only from Asia
but also US and Europe
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A special thank you to our Speakers for taking the time to impart their knowledge and answering questions.

Topics Covered

How to Keep Personalized Service while Expanding Your Matchmaking Business
- Genevieve Gresset

Psychology and the Dating industry
- Dr. Jean Liu

How to "100x The Matchmaking Industry." 
- Mark Brooks

Key Insights to Indian Matchmaking 
- Muruga Janakiraman

5 Keys to Building a Top of Mind Brand
- Violet Lim

How to Work Successfully with Narcissistic Clients
- Dr. Angela Smith

The Power of Collaboration for Offline Matchmaking 
- Lisa Clampitt

Fighting Japan's declining birthrate with IBJ as its Hero
- Taito Kimura & Stephen Banz (IBJ)

Top Technology Trends in the Matchmaking Industry
- Jamie Lee

And the topic by Keynote Speaker, Park Soo-Kyung:
Creating a Matchmaking Culture in South Korea